me, eric, layla, & a brick wall

by The Cowl Editor on October 7, 2021


a brick wall with a small lamp attached
Photo courtesy of

by Marelle Hipolito ’22

Music seeps through the brick wall

“It’s too loud!” I bang in response. 

Music grows louder and louder

My patience shrinks smaller and thinner

and it’s back and forth for a while.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday,

bang bang bang

I’m drowned out by the music!

I have no choice, 

I learn to live with the noise. 

I numb it out, until one specific day

when in the music through the brick wall

I hear Eric’s voice:

“What’ll you do when you’re lonely?”

I drop my pen, my work put to the side 

It’s been years since I heard that song

it brought back memories and turned back time. 

I listen to Eric beg, as he drops down to his knees

he sounds as desperate as when I asked you not to leave. 

“Like a fool, I fell in love with you”

since you played Layla on the piano & turned my whole life upside down

the chords sting, it’s rooting me in place 

my tears are in vain, and they make me sing along and cry out. 

bang bang bang

“you’re too loud!” they yell in response

as the music gets quieter and quieter

the absence of you gets stronger and louder,

but we have no choice

like Layla like Eric 

we have to live with the noise.