Meal Prep 

by trogers5 on April 21, 2022


photo creds: pixabay

Caitlin Bartley ’24


At nighttime 

girls are stripped bare, 

washed and dried, 

slathered in oils and moisturizers and serums, 

and dressed in white silks. 

So soft and sweet. 

Girls are put to bed, 

laid on linen sheets, 

eight hours to sleep until the alarm rings. 

This is how girls are prepped  

to be devoured 

by the male gaze. 


At dinnertime 

chickens are skinned, 

washed and dried, 

slathered in oils and herbs and spices, 

and dressed in wine sauces. 

So tender and tasty. 

Chickens are put into the oven, 

laid on baking sheets, 

thirty minutes to cook until the timer beeps. 

This is how chickens are prepped 

 to be devoured 

 by the carnivores.