Featured Friar: Michael Splann

by The Cowl Editor on October 18, 2018


by Samantha Oakley ’20

News Staff

Many of the staples of being a part of the Providence College community include events put on by the Board of Programmers (BOP). BOP is responsible for many of the student run events on campus, generating a sense of community for all Friars, while inspiring fun and gearing actives to spark everybody’s interests. 

This year, BOP’s president is Troy, New York native, Michael Splann  19.

Splann entered PC undeclared, and then went on to become a management major. In addition to this, he became more interested in theology through taking Development of Western Civilization (DWC). During his sophomore year, he became a double major. 

When asked what made him decide to join BOP, he answered by saying, “I didn’t know much about BOP freshman year until I attended their coffeehouse. I was immediately excited about the opportunity to plan events for the student body because I had worked a lot of jobs that involved event planning in high school.” 

BOP has many different committees that people can join. Splann is part of the Entertainment Committee. 

“I had owned my own entertainment company in high school. Music is a huge passion of mine, so I loved the idea of planning events like the Spring Concert and had many ideas about how to incorporate music into other events here on campus,” said Splann.

Additionally, Splann went on to discuss his greatest experience since joining BOP: ”building up PC’s The Voice, which was the event I first conceptualized on my BOP application.”

He continued, saying, “It has been so humbling to see how well the student body has received The Voice over the past couple of years. Seeing students come together because of music and cheering on their fellow Friars is a great feeling and reaffirms everything I love about BOP.”

Following this, Splann was asked to comment on members of BOP that inspired him in a profound way, prior to his senior year. 

“It is hard to name just one inspiration of mine, but I was inspired so much by the entire exec board that selected my freshman year new board: Taralynn Vecchio, Dan Pupke, Michael Gilmor, and Monica Houghton. I would specifically like to mention Michael Gilmor, BOP treasurer 2016-2017.”

Speaking more of Gilmor, who passed away at the beginning of this semester, Splann commented, “Not only was Mike one of the most brilliant and intelligent people I’ve ever known, but he was also one of the kindest and most humble. When I first made the Board, our new board freshmen were tasked with planning our own Freshman Fling. Mike sat with me for hours teaching me how to do the simplest event planning tasks, and he continuously supported me throughout my sophomore year. My only hope is to be half the BOP exec member and half the person Mike was.”

Splann discussed that his favorite thing about BOP is that they are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to create lasting memories for the Friar Family that students can carry with them for years to come.

He continued by stating the importance of the student body in creating the success of BOP. “I just want to encourage everybody to come to our events because I know how hard the Board works to plan these amazing events for the students. Take advantage of these opportunities to make the most of your college experience, meet new Friars, and create memories that will hopefully last many years to come.”

Finally, he discussed his future plans, saying he is not sure what they will be. 

“When people find out I’m a  management/theology double major, I get a lot of jokes like ‘What are you going to do with that? Manage the church?’,” joked Splann.

Splann hopes to continue studying theology in grad school and to one day teach as a professor. 

“PC has helped me to uncover the things that I’m most passionate about,” said Splann, “and for that I am forever grateful. I trust that God will lead me to wherever it is He wants me to be.”