Birds Stun Pats

by The Cowl Editor on February 8, 2018

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Eagles Win Their First Title

by Sullivan Burgess ’20

Sports Staff

nick foles raises the Vince Lombardi Trophy
Photo Courtesy of the NFL

In a shocking turn of events, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII 41-33. In a game filled with trick plays, incredible catches, and beautiful runs, as well as a new Solo: A Star Wars Story ad, MVP stats, and a Prince tribute from Justin Timberlake, the Super Bowl brought a nail biting victory for the Eagles.

Not only is this the first time the Eagles beat the Pats in the Super Bowl, it is the first time the Eagles have won a Super Bowl in the history of their franchise. Before the game even began, the Eagles were on a whole new level of prepared and hyped as they ran out onto the field, with Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares” blasting through the stadium’s speakers.

Throughout the game, the Eagles played consistent defense against 2017 MVP Tom Brady. While Brady managed to set a record by throwing 505 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions, his arm and his offensive line could not match the strength and the speed of Fletcher Cox and the rest of Philadelphia’s defense. One play the Pats tried to use to trick the Eagles  was a reverse to New England wide receiver Danny Amendola, who attempted to throw it to Brady, but Brady missed the ball as it hit his fingertips.

The Eagles at fourth and goal ran a wildcat counter to Trey Burton who threw it to Nick Foles for a touchdown in the 2nd quarter before halftime. Foles ended up winning MVP of the game for throwing 373 yards, three touchdowns, and one interception.

Granted Foles’s performance was not MVP status compared to Brady, we have to take into consideration that he was the second string quarterback for the Eagles coming into the season.

The original starting quarterback, Carson Wentz, a 2017 MVP candidate, suffered a torn ACL in December, ending his season. Credit must be given to Foles as he stepped up huge in a time of need and brought the spark needed for the team alongside veteran players such as Alshon Jeffery, Torrey Smith, Zach Ertz, Jay Ajayi, and LeGarrette Blount.

Blount and Chris Long are  notable players who came from New England last season and have now secured back-to-back championships playing for different teams. One of the players who had one of the biggest impacts on the Eagles was undrafted Wisconsin rookie running back Corey Clement. Clement lead in receiving yards for the Eagles with four receptions for 100 yards and one touchdown.

On the other side, Amendola, who finished the game with eight receptions for 152 yards, stepped up alongside Rob Gronkowski after Brandin Cooks suffered a head injury early in the game.

Another notable player who did not play for the Patriots was cornerback Malcolm Butler, who intercepted Russell Wilson at the end of Super Bowl XLIX to secure the win for New England in 2015.

tom brady during super bowl LII
Photo Courtesy of the Associated Press/Fox News

Before the national anthem, Butler was informed that he would not be starting the game, which came as a shock to fans and even himself. Coach Bill Belichick, who called the move a “football decision” after benching a player who played 97.8 percent of the team’s snaps during regular season, stated, “We put the players and game plan out there that we thought would be the best, like we always do.” Recently, reports stated that Butler was benched for missing team curfew and other reckless activities, which both Butler and Brady denied to the press. Regardless of his presence off the field, it seemed the Eagles were in it to win in the long run.

Fans on campus had mixed emotions about the results of the game. Although New England fans were displeased with the outcome of the game, some shared that they were pleased the game was not a blowout.

Eagles fans on campus felt differently. Devoted Eagles fan Cayla Veverka ’20 stated, “Overall, I think the Eagles defense made a lot of good coverage plays. Foles had a great game with Ertz and Smith making amazing plays. I think the Pats missed crucial plays like the missed field goals and Brady dropping the pass. Fly Eagles Fly.”

Overall, this will go down in history as one of the greatest upsets and games in Super Bowl history. In the end, the Lombardi trophy is heading to Philadelphia for the first time in history. Philadelphia now joins New York City, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles as the only cities to win the World Series, the Stanley Cup, the NBA Finals, and the Super Bowl. Congrats to the  Eagles, and best of luck to them and all the other teams in the upcoming NFL Draft.

PCI: The Philadelphia Eagles Will Win Super Bowl LII

by The Cowl Editor on January 25, 2018


by Ethan Ticehurst ’18

Sports Staff

the philadelphia eagles
Photo Courtesy of Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

    The end of the New England Patriots’ dynasty is coming and the Eagles will start it off with a big win at the Super Bowl this year. After an extremely impressive NFC Championship game win, they have the momentum and the talent to finish their championship run.

  Nick Foles is shining in his substitute role after starter Carson Wentz was injured in the last few weeks of the regular season, and he shows no signs of slowing down. Bolstered by a strong offense surrounding him and backed up by a stout defense, Foles has the opportunity to become a giant-slayer on Feb. 4.

   The Eagles will do something that only their NFC East rivals, the New York Giants, have done in the last 18 years of the Tom Brady and Bill Belichick era: beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. With the city of Philadelphia behind them, the Eagles will travel to Minnesota with enough confidence to slay the NFL’s Goliath.

   All dynasties must end at some point. Nothing lasts forever. The end is nigh for the Patriots, whether or not they lose on Feb. 4. Brady is getting older and Belichick is closer to retirement than some may think.

    All of the factors seem to be lining up and we may see the walls of Gillette Stadium come tumbling down this year at the hands of the upstart Philadelphia Eagles. Lead by their (currently injured) and future-elite quarterback, Wentz, and his replacement, Foles, the Eagles’ chances are looking good.

Why the Philadelphia Eagles Will Win Super Bowl LII

by The Cowl Editor on November 9, 2017


By Eileen Flynn ’20 

Sports Staff

Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles
Photo Courtesy of Eric Hartline


     So far this year, many NFL teams have surprised their fans with unfamiliar performances. The Patriots are no longer in control of the AFC East and the Falcons are sliding down below the Panthers in the NFC South.

   However, one team that is not only on its way to winning their division, but in full stride to win Super Bowl LII is the Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles have acquired an impressive record of 8-1, placing them at the top of all the other NFL teams.

   Their one loss of the season was due to the Kansas City Chiefs’ strong defense. After this tough battle in the second week of the season, the Eagles have bounced back, each game coming out stronger and smarter than the last.

   It is hard for a team to be successful if they lack a reliable quarterback, luckily for the Eagles, Carson Wentz is even better than reliable.

  The recent 34-24 win over the Redskins was due to Wentz’s strength under pressure. Wentz showed his mobility and comfort in and outside the pocket throughout the game. His fourth touchdown pass of the day was made possible due to the escape of a near third-down sack just several plays before. Wentz finished the game 17-of-25 passing for 268 yards. His teammates are not surprised by his clutch performance, instead it is becoming more common than not.

   The multitude of outlets Wentz’s teammates provide him with is what makes his offense so intimidating. Four different runners touch the ball almost every game, making the Eagles a tough team to defend. After the offense files off the field, the Eagles send out a dependable defense team. Timmy Jerigan, Fletcher Cox, and Derek Barnett supply relentless pressure on their opponent’s offense.

   Although the Eagles have a long way to go before playoffs, the team is on the right track. It has been several years since the Eagles have made a run in the playoffs, however, the 2017 season holds promise for a change in history for the Philadelphia Eagles.