Tiff and Earl

by trogers5 on March 3, 2022


Dear Tiff and Earl,

I’m a non-basketball student-athlete and I feel like we don’t get enough clout. Do I need to become the next Nate Watson on TikTok?


A PC Second-Class Citizen

Dear Second-Class Citizen,

…there are non-basketball student athletes? 

No cheers for you,


image of tiff

Dear PC Second-Class Citizen,

Although I’m sure there are many ways that you could increase your clout, TikTok is an excellent place to start! However, instead of trying to become the next Nate Watson, you should set yourself apart and establish a unique brand. Here are a few suggestions to get you started: take videos of yourself talking to the PC squirrels, do Ray dinner reviews, or ask Dean Sears for a collab. I’m confident that you’ll win the hearts, views, and likes of Providence College soon enough.

Catch you on the ’Tok,


image of earl