Featured Friar: Jerod Magazine ’19

by The Cowl Editor on March 21, 2019


Magazine ’19 has enjoyed working with others during his time at PC.

Kyle Burgess ’21

Assistant News Editor

College is often considered a fresh start for prospective students looking to get their feet wet in a wide array of activities and meet new people in their four years on campus. After reflecting on his four-year tenure in Friartown, Jerod Magazine ’19 has found that Providence College is no exception to this rule.

“I came to Providence College because I wanted to branch out of California and see something new,” the Coto de Caza native explained. “I knew I wanted a school that would challenge me academically and athletically, so when I finally toured PC it felt like the perfect home for me because it felt like a big school with the Division I athletics, but the small class sizes made me feel like I could be more than just another student in a lecture hall.”

Magazine has strived for success both in the classroom and in the pool during his career as a member of the Men’s Division I Swim Team. 

He credits his disdain of having to wear “rec specs,” protective eyewear designed to prevent sports-related injuries for land sports, as the catalyst in his swimming career, one which culminated in his fondest Friartown memory this February. 

“After my last race, I walked back to my team greeting me with open arms. It was really the definition of the Friar Family. Being a part of that family for four years was such an unforgettable experience and one I wouldn’t trade for the world.”

Despite dedicating much of his time to his studies and his teammates, Magazine was still able to fit in a plethora of other on-campus activities and organizations into his already-busy schedule. 

His desire to try new things led him to become involved on the Student Athlete Advisory Council Executive Board, the Admissions Ambassadors Executive Board, and work as both a New Student Orientation Leader and Coordinator.

“I wanted to be able to give back,” Magazine elaborated. “Things like Orientation and Admissions Ambassadors have given me the opportunity to go beyond my sports background and interact with new students, students I may not have met through just athletics.”

Now, with the finish line in sight and another new world of opportunities before him, Magazine hopes that future Friar generations will follow in his footsteps by stepping outside of their comfort zones while at PC. “The biggest takeaway from my college experience is to challenge yourself in areas you didn’t know you could. PC is the place to try new things, so don’t be afraid to take that leap.”