The Sims

by The Cowl Editor on September 23, 2021


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by Toni Rendon ’24


Why can’t life be more like The Sims

Where no matter what day it is, we can always win

Strangers come over to celebrate your birthday

And people can empathize with you on your worst days


Let’s build our home from the ground up

A place where happiness can always find us

Where our depression doesn’t have to win

And if we get stuck with it

We can always go to Create a Sim

and re-roll our traits again


Here we have a pause button

So, we don’t keep walking around like we lost something

There’s no fear if our hearts collide

Because here there’s only you and I

The NPCs are insignificant

This is our world, they just live in it


The bad parts, use fast forward to skip it

So, the sad parts we don’t really live it

Imagination is king here, so sky’s our limit

We always know how we are

Because our relationships are tracked in a bar


If we take the modding too far

And our perfect world crashes like a car

Promise that we’ll “Shift + Click” reset us

We can always work out the extras


Maybe this time we’ll get lucky

And the update won’t make the relationship buggy

I’m not trying to be funny


I’m just trying to raise my skills

So, I have what I need to pay our bills

Let’s not get into semantics

Instead use the mischief skill

And let’s get into some antics


We’ll never be bored now

There’s a whole new 64-bit world

For us to explore now