PC Democrats Host Gun Law Trivia

by The Cowl Editor on December 7, 2017


Students Were Invited to Test Their Gun Law Knowledge

by Ernie Andreoli ’18

News Staff

Nicholas Crenshaw ’20/The Cowl

The Providence College Democrats hosted a Gun Law Trivia event open to the Friar community in the Ruane Center for the Humanities on Nov. 29. As students piled into the second floor classroom, competition was in the air. After Amy Gilligan ’18, vice president of the PC Democrats, ushered in pizza and refreshments, the 30 students were tasked to sign into Kahoot!, an online trivia platform, and put on their thinking caps.

The trivia game consisted of 20 questions regarding current facts and figures on gun ownership in the United States. While the game was an emotional rollercoaster at times, students performed well. “I cannot believe I am still in first,” exclaimed Meghan Letendre ’19, after she correctly answered the percentage of citizens who owned a gun in rural, suburban, and urban America. Following the game, Gilligan awarded the top three participants with the highest scores gift cards to Dunkin’ Donuts, LaSalle Bakery, and Chipotle.

“This was both fun and informative,” noted Kristen Rezuke ’18, the third place recipient. As final exams near, the PC Democrats are looking forward to holding more events like this next semester. “Our focus in meetings is to build a community with one another,” stated Gilligan. By presenting students with facts, such as Vermont is the only state to allow individuals to carry a concealed gun without a permit, the PC Democrats encourage students to form their own opinions on various current issues.

Matt Skowronek ’20, treasurer of the club, appreciated the fact that an intellectually diverse group of students participated in the trivia event. Participants included members of a number of campus organizations, such as SHEPARD, Student Congress, and Science Fiction Club, as well as students in Dr. Charlotte O’Kelly’s sociology course, “The Power of Whiteness.”

“Trivia is fun and competitive, and it is also a way to communicate important facts across ideological spectrums,” noted Skowronek. Hannah Bone ’20, the public relations officer for the PC Democrats, echoed her fellow executive board members’ appreciation of the success of the trivia game, and commented on the trajectory of the club’s mission. “Tonight’s trivia game was a great example of our goal to continue to grow as a club, and attract more members of the PC community through informative events,” noted Bone.

On behalf of the club’s executive board, Bone explained that the PC Democrats are primarily interested in encouraging students to have a clear understanding of current events during this political climate, and be comfortable expressing their views among peers. While Rory O’Brien ’19, secretary of the PC Democrats, is looking forward to studying abroad next semester, he, like his fellow officers, is excited to see how the club grows over the coming years. According to O’Brien, the PC Democrats have attracted a number of new members this semester, especially freshmen, because of the club’s educative meetings and didactic events.

This semester alone, the PC Democrats hosted a lecture by Dr. Adam Myers, assistant professor of political science, on the current political contentions over immigrations laws, as a well as a lecture by Dr. Abigail Brooks, assistant professor of sociology and the director of the women’s studies program, on women in politics. Because the club’s members have placed an emphasis on hosting lecturers, and creating an informal environment for students to learn and discuss political matters, O’Brien believes that student involvement is of utmost importance.

While the club focuses on addressing current political issues, it is not tailored toward political science students. “I am an English major, but I have a passion for learning about political niceties,” stated O’Brien.

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  1. I’m not so sure the PC Democrats were presenting students with “facts.” Vermont is NOT the only state to allow individuals to carry a concealed gun without a permit. In fact there are at least a dozen states that have no required licensing or permitting of concealed carry, commonly referred to as “Constitutional Carry.” This includes Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

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