I’m Not Sorry Anymore

by The Cowl Editor on February 1, 2018


Woman in sunshine
Photo courtesy of pexels.com

by Sam Pellman ’20


I said sorry when you broke my heart

I waited for an apology but gave you over a hundred

I let you hurt me and I blamed myself


But I’m not sorry anymore

I’m not sorry you walked away when I thought I needed you the most

I’m not sorry you told me you’d never leave but one day were gone


I’m not sorry I fell so hard for you; it’s taught me everything

I’m not sorry I centered my world around you because I know now you are not the sun; I am

I’m not sorry I wasn’t enough for you, because I know I was too much for you to handle


I’m not sorry I spent nights crying, shedding over a thousand tears; each one had a purpose

I’m not sorry I deleted your number; it’s of no use for me now

I’m not sorry I hid all your letters; at one point they meant the world, now they are just words on a page


I’m not sorry you didn’t know what you wanted, I know you are confused

I’m not sorry that maybe one day we’ll run into each other after all these months; trust me, I can handle it now

I’m not sorry I still love you; I don’t think I could ever stop


But most importantly, I’m not sorry that I’m happy without you

I’m finally alive

I don’t wish you the best, but I don’t wish you the worst; I simply wish you what you deserve


I do hope you’re happy, but if you’re not…

I’m just not sorry anymore.