Wonder Women of PC Speak at Friarcon

by The Cowl Editor on February 15, 2018


Panel of Female Leaders Discuss Their Super Powers

by Sabrina Guilbeault ’18

News Editor

Female Students speak about their super powers
Joanna Meyer ’20/ The Cowl

This past Friday during Alumni and Family Weekend, the Providence College events department of the Office of Institutional Advancement put on the campus’ first ever Friarcon, an event that showcased student performance and involvement.

The night kicked off with a panel titled The Wonder Women of PC, where the leading ladies of five major on campus organizations discussed their super powers. The panelists included Marcie Mai ’18 of the Board of Multicultural Student Affairs, Phionna Claude ’18 of Student Congress, Simran Madhani ’18 of Friars Club, Marla Gagne ’18 of The Cowl, and Elizabeth Jancsy ’18 of the Board of Programmers.

This is the first time in the College’s history that all presidents of the major organizations on campus are women.

The panelists were guided through their discussion and given questions by Karen Monti-Flynn ’80G of the National Alumni Council. The first question the female students were asked was what is their superpower, or more specifically what character trait helped lead them to their success.

Claude, president of the Believers of Words Club and head resident assistant, attributed her success to her personality and her ability to connect with a wide range of people on campus. “I am grateful for my personality, and being able to communicate well,” she said. “It has helped me get to where I am today.”

Jancsy shared that she has her compassion to thank, as well as her background in theater. She is on the all-women’s A capella group and has participated in a wide variety of performances. “You’ll always catch me singing or dancing,” said Jancsy. Jancsy shared that she is proud of her implementation of the slogan “Caring is Cool” on BOP, and believes that this mindset gets her far in life.

Just as superheroes have superpowers, they also have nemeses, and the ladies were reflective on the aspects of themselves they wish to continue to grow and learn from. For example, Madhani, a student worker in the Office of Institutional Advancement, discussed the value she has found from being extremely involved, but also making time for herself.

When asked about sidekicks, Madhani was quick to explain that she is appreciative of her fellow executive board members, and thanked them for being a perfect team.

Gagne also shared that she was very thankful for her associate editor-in chief, Paige Calabrese ’18. She explained that the nature of The Cowl involves long nights and editing, and Calabrese has been the perfect companion to getting each issue out. Gagne also explained she is proud of making The Cowl a fun environment to work in by celebrating birthdays and creating bonding events to get the staff together.

Mai, a resident assistant in McVinney Hall, was first to answer a tough question involving what aspects of her executive board she wished she possessed. She complimented each executive board member on BMSA (which is also composed of all women) and the whole board. She explained she is very proud of the work her club does.

When asked about hobbies and what the panelists do when they are not “saving the world,” it was clear these ladies in particular are very busy. “I don’t necessarily have time for hobbies, but something I am trying to do is spend more time with my family,” said Mai. “One thing I am doing each time I go home is cook a traditional Vietnamese meal with my mom.” She shared that the next time she goes home will be for Lunar New Year, and is looking forward to cooking with her mother.

Other highlights of the evening included an exhibit on the past mascot heads of Friar Dom, performances by student groups such as Dance Club, Step Team, and A cappella. Adam Hanna ’18, the campus’ own singer/songwriter, performed a concert for those in attendance. The night was filled with PC spirit.

At the end of the Wonder Women of PC panel, the audience in attendance applauded the leading ladies. “We know you are going to each go very far, and make PC proud,” Monti-Flynn said. “These ladies are stellar, and represent the good of our college.”