by The Cowl Editor on April 26, 2018


Sun setting on a beach
Photo courtesy of allwallpaper.in

by Jay Willett ’20

“Careful, always watch your step when you walk here honey,” she hummed.

Grinning, I nodded my head and reached up, earnestly grabbed the railing.

Orange tired sun, relentless reflections, my soul,

Waves that roar, my mind,

Winds that rage and sway, my time,

Vessel that cradles me, God hopes you don’t sink,

Oceans beneath, how deep would you take me?

If waves took vessel,

If wind wearied vessel,

If vessel cracked, dropped me below,

I held onto the railing tighter and gazed upon the crimson fire sky.

The sun hung low but burned fluorescent flames above all.

Burning, charring, existing, for all years to come.