Passing on the Torch

by The Cowl Editor on April 26, 2018

Editor's Column

by Marla Gagne ’18 and Paige Calabrese ’18

Spring is the ultimate time of transition—days that once required three layers of jackets and snow boots turn into days of laying out in the sun and blasting music on the quad. And as the warm weather comes, so does the chaos of wrapping up a college year and, more importantly, a journey with The Cowl.

Looking back to September, we are amazed by the growth we have experienced as a club and as a newspaper. We worked hard to improve our journalism, working with writers one-on-one, attending writing workshops, and making a stronger effort to tackle investigative issues and diverse events.

We worked hard to grow The Cowl brand, creating a new social media team, hiring new writers, and promoting our print issue around campus. And we worked hard to become a close-knit club, making the office our second home, being your shoulder to cry on, and a crowd to celebrate with.

We wanted to leave The Cowl better off than we started and now, confident that we have done our part, we cannot wait to pass on the torch to our new Editor-in-Chief, Taylor Godfrey ’19, and Associate Editor-in-Chief, Abby Czerniecki ’19. We have watched you grow as writers and editors and are fully confident that you will take good care of The Cowl next year and do amazing things.

Congrats to the new editors taking over sections—the job can be difficult and at times daunting, but so much fun and rewarding. Welcome to all the new writers that are just beginning their journies with the club, and congrats to our veteran writers and graduating seniors—you have allowed us to serve the community and carry on our tradition.

Thank you to Vice President Goodwin, Dean Sears, and Sue McCauley for supporting The Cowl year after year after year and to Richy Kless for always having our backs and being our number one supporter.

There’s no easy way to say goodbye, but it helps knowing The Cowl is in good hands. We look forward to flipping through future publications and seeing everything the rising 2018-2019 staff accomplishes.