“Us. We. Together. Family. Friars.”

by The Cowl Editor on September 20, 2018

Editor's Column

by Taylor Godfrey ’19


As the Providence College community enters its fourth week of classes, things around campus are beginning to calm down and transition to a regular rhythm.

The stress of moving in with roommates, the flurry of seeing friends again after a summer apart, the anxiety of changing classes, finding textbooks, and remembering schedules has mostly subsided.

Students are settling into their communities and groups of friends and with that adjustment being over, it is important to remember that within these groups, we should be conscious of being inclusive of all students on this campus.

In this week’s Cowl alone, the Opinion Section features two articles about people feeling out of place in their communities. One article emphasizes how women can feel overshadowed in academic settings and the other recognizes students being left out of social events, such as Golf Party, due to the excessive costs that go into such events.

Over the past two issues, The Cowl has also featured stories about the vandalism in the women’s studies department and issues the country is facing regarding immigration.

There is clearly a real feeling both on and off campus of people feeling left out and experiencing alienation from their communities.That is why we must make an effort to be an accepting and welcoming community on this campus.

Whatever else is happening in the world, a person’s school should be their safe space; the community in which they feel comfortable being a part of.

We are all so busy it can be easy to get caught up with classes, homework, and extra-curriculars, but it is important to remember to check up on friends, and even acquaintances, to make sure that the Friar Family is a truly welcoming “family” for everyone.

With the world in as much turmoil as it is right now, and with social and political issues being hotly contested in the public eye, it is important that we, as a community, have each other’s backs.

While we may be a student body full of differences, that also means there is plenty of room for everyone on this campus and it is our job as students to make it so.