United as One: Friar Family Brings Us Together in Times of Tragedy

by The Cowl Editor on October 18, 2018

Editor's Column

by Abigail Czerniecki ’19

Associate Editor-in-Chief

When our president, dean, alumni, or fellow Friars talk about Providence College being a Friar Family, it is not taken lightly.

The College community welcomes students with open arms by reminding them that PC is more than just an institution, but indeed a true family.

In times of hardship, it is crucial for students to remember that no one is alone in Friartown and that it is always Us, We, Together, Family, Friars—it is a culture that is embraced all across the PC campus.

Every individual reacts differently when faced with a tragedy, and it is important to stay united as individual classes, and more importantly, as a school. There is no formula to cope with life changes, but we can be compassionate and selfless towards those around us.

We have a strong foundation of family present on campus, and we use that to support one another in our academics, athletics, and tribulations. With all that has happened locally and nationally, it is vital that we support one another.

Tragedy should not be the only time we come together, but rather we should shed our differences and reach out to fellow Friars to remind them that “Friar Family” is not just a slogan.

We all have a responsibility to this family, so in the time we have left on campus, let’s make sure that Friartown is motivated by love and kindness.