Syrupy Youth

by The Cowl Editor on November 19, 2018


by Sarah Kirchner ’21

She sits and sips her black coffee,
While he sips on his caramel whip.
It’s been a while since they’ve been back
To the familiar coffee shop of their childhood
Where they shared a first kiss,
And continued after with many dates.

Coffee with heart shaped foam
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The barista serves the couple
And smiles as he takes the frothy drink.
The feeling of sweet vanilla warms her right up
As if she’s still that same teenager
That was offered the job there long ago
Still serving sweetness with the same old smile.

He watches her from the window
Now turning gray and becoming old.
Years have passed and he’s ordered the same.
He makes sure to get it from her,
Because her blueberry eyes give him
That feeling of young love he never quite knew.

In the coffee shop
There’s a home for many people.
Some lucky ones have it all figured out
While others roam in to try something new.
It’s a feeling of syrupy youth
That can be felt by every soul who enters the room.