Winter Sunrise

by The Cowl Editor on November 19, 2018


Sun rising in a wintery landscape photo
Photo courtesy of

by Erin Venuti ’20

Woke before the sun today,
No intent to see it wake.
Open after
Some hours.
May as well have blinked;
Streetlamps still glow,
Same as last night’s close.

Beyond the window,
Fades to pale
Blue, sun stretches and exhales.
A yawn breaks free, a hopeful yellow,
Charging the day that’s yet to follow.

I find, midmorning, looking up,
The moon forgot to set.
It peers through
A too-bright blue —
Wistfully, I wonder
If it’s lonely without the stars.
I tell myself not to worry;
Today, the moon has other company.

My day begins and ends with night.
I feel I’ve seen the darkness longer than the light,
‘Cause I woke before dawn, without intent.
But I know: the sun is worth being patient.