Final Score

by The Cowl Editor on February 8, 2019


by Grace O’Connor ’22

A deflated basketball
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I woke up wishing I was still asleep
It was a cold November morning
A shiver went through my body
My Yankee blanket not even keeping me warm
I don’t have the motivation to wake up
I stare at the blue walls around me

I won’t be waiting for the last bell
I won’t be hearing the ball bouncing
I won’t feel my sweat-stained shirt stick to my skin
I won’t get to feel the excitement of scoring

Oh how much I miss this
The crowd cheering is non-existent
The buzzing of the scoreboard is not pure happiness

How could something I love seem impossible to do again
The blue and white pride seems pointless
I’m not on top anymore

I don’t want to think about basketball
My life was supposed to be a score but instead was a miss
Now I am here unable to move from my bed