by The Cowl Editor on February 8, 2019


by Sarah Heavren ’21

A nautical knot in a ball shape
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My soul is twisted and tangled like a knot.
There are parts that hang while other parts are taut.
My emotions and feelings are a jumble.
When trying to untangle, my fingers fumble.
There is no beginning and there is no end.
It’s one giant mess that I can’t understand.
I can’t see the knot as a collective whole.
I only see each distinct fault in my soul.
I need someone’s fingers nimbler than mine
To undo my twists and straighten out my line.
Who can I trust to look beyond my tangles
And see my soul is not completely mangled?
Who will be patient enough to take the time
To work with me through this mess of mine?
Who will be willing to be gentle, not rough
When trying to work through the parts that are tough?
Who is able to see me as more than this mess,
As more than just my emotional distress?
Who will use the purest love and truth and light
To untangle the depths of my soul just right?