An Ode to History

by The Cowl Editor on March 7, 2019


by Sarah Heavren ’21

Shelves of books
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Oh History, how boring you can be
If one can’t see the forest, just the trees.
Why do many people choose to ignore
Your countless articles found on JSTOR?
People complain that there’s too much to read,
And research is such a tedious deed.
But so many people seem to mistake
That you are only names, places, and dates.
People don’t care to discover the words
Of many voices that have gone unheard.
Some will never know the wonderful rush
Of sharing truth with an artist’s touch.
What could be better than getting to know
The great untold stories of long ago?
What makes you boring is people’s false view
That from the past we can’t learn something new.
Some people are just unable to see
That you tell the tale of humanity.