by The Cowl Editor on March 7, 2019


by Jay Willett ’20

A joker playing card
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Mischievous, nervous,
joker, lover,
laugher, crier,
hopeless, higher.
Blame, but
never stay the
same. Shame,
but always play
the game.
Not a choice,
just our voice,
because the world
expects in our bourgeois.
We just want to live
up to them.
Every court needs a jester.
Every jester needs to laugh.
Liar, psycho, lame investor,
failure of the polygraph:
hear my call.
Split we are,
yet none shall fall.
Two sides of a coin,
Two edges to a blade.
Screw it, let’s just never change.
Never relax, always on the move,
take no time to disarrange.
That’s what we really do.
Steel thyself my boys,
that way, you will never fade.