A Fresh Restart: Clean Room, Clean Mind

by Andrea Traietti on April 4, 2019


Towards the end of the semester, students tend to be busier, which is why
cleaning your room is an easy way to clear your mind. Photo courtesy of Providence College.


by Katherine Belbusti ’22

Opinion Staff


Spring: it is that time of year again when our jackets get lighter and the days feel longer. The sun shines a little more brightly and everything comes back to life after a long winter of hibernation. With spring comes rebirth and the time for a clean slate. What could be better than starting off that period of newness with cleaning our living spaces?

Decluttering your physical space is a parallel for decluttering your mental space. All the dark and cold memories from winter are swept away and all those rough spots that you had during those cold months can now be let go.

Spring cleaning a dorm room can be a challenge within itself, but it is doable and can be so rewarding. The first thing recommended is to get your roommates on board as well. If they are not into it, do not worry. You can still make your space look different and clean.

It is first recommended to store all your bulky winter sweaters and clothes in a place not readily accessible. After this, all your spring and summer clothes will be the only ones easily accessible, and seeing the bright colors is a great first start.

After this, the dreaded deep cleaning comes. That means scrubbing your desk and sweeping away all the dust under your bed. While this is probably the worst part of the entire process, the fresh scent of cleaning products will be pleasant to you once you have finished.

Lastly, switch things up in your room a bit. Rearrange the pictures on your wall, or buy a new poster to hang up. Even buying a new pillow or decoration can really make your space feel ready for the warmer months.

Spring cleaning is perhaps one of the most underrated and, yet, most necessary things for a person. While it might not seem like the most appealing option to clean inside while the weather is warming up outside, there are many benefits to doing so, including mental health benefits.

Cleaning is a stress reliver. It is often said that a cluttered home is a cluttered mind. Picking one rainy April afternoon to clean your room could actually prove to relieve some of your stress. Cleaning is a task that requires just enough of your attention to take your attention away from other things that could potentially be stressing you. Not to mention, once your task is completed, you have a great sense of accomplishment. 

Instead of thinking of spring cleaning as a chore, think of it as a step in the direction of a new beginning. It can help you finish the semester strong if your mind is as decluttered as your living space. Not to mention, it will make moving out after finals that much easier!

That’s the great thing about spring cleaning. It is a process that can really test your patience, but at the end of the day, its benefits outweigh the tribulations.