Honey Waves

by The Cowl Editor on April 4, 2019


by Jessica Polanco ’20

A woman and a man kissing with the ocean filling up their outlines
Photos courtesy of pexels.com

Our lips are the coastline
Where she is the water
And I am the sand
And naturally,
With every wave we meet

Together we feel so perfect
Marinating in each other’s touch
Nurturing each other
In a nutrient-exchanging dance
Where with every step
I fall more and more into a trance

Until the tide pulls her back
And I feel dry and alone
Ten seconds – a wait too long
But five are just enough
For me to stare at her beauty
And watch her wave to me

When the moonlight rises
And only her and I remain
She sings to me
Sings so I can feel her pain

She longs for our next embrace
Anxious for another taste

Buried inside me is her one true place
And a feeling like this
I could never replace