No Post-grad Plan? No Problem.

by The Cowl Editor on September 13, 2019

Editor's Column

by Katie Torok ’20

Associate Editor-in-Chief


By the end of Summer 2019, I knew a handful of rising seniors who already had their post-graduation jobs lined up. Signed and all. 

Even though they were breaking out into completely different industries  from where I am heading, and they signed with companies who they have previously interned for, I immediately started freaking out about what I would do come May or June 2020.

I would spend hours reading forums about how hard it is to get an entry level job in the publishing industry. 

At one point, I even went onto some of the Big Five publishing house career websites in hopes that in ten months, the one entry level job application I found would still be open.

Days later when I returned to the site, the job was closed and removed. Great.

However, once I returned back to Providence College a few weeks ago, I realized that I was not the only one who had no clue what they would be doing in ten months’ time.

For those of us who do not have a concrete plan: stop fretting and enjoy senior year.

Your post-graduation plans are important, but do not let them take away from your current happiness. Senior year is all about making your final PC memories, not spending hours worrying about the uncertain future.  

Go to the BOP events with free food, the sports games, and the dances that no one seems to want to go to. I will see you there!

Am I nervous? Yes. Am I excited to spend my final year at PC being  the Associate Editor-in-Chief for The Cowl? Absolutely. 

No matter where we end up post-graduation, Friartown will always be home, so make sure your last memories are filled with joy and happiness, not anxiety and worry.