Tangents & Tirades

by The Cowl Editor on September 13, 2019


Normalize Mug Carrying on Campus

If you take a look around campus on any given morning, you will notice an abundance of students carrying travel mugs to bring their coffee, tea, or other hot beverage to class. Although travel mugs are a commonly used vessel, they are not the only option. 

A much smaller population of students prefer to fulfill their beverage transportation needs with regular mugs. However, these students often have to weather strange looks from people as they walk around with a mug in hand. 

Mug-carriers seem to be misunderstood at Providence College. 

There is a certain feeling that results from sipping out of a mug, a unique feeling that cannot be felt when using a travel mug. Travel mugs have narrow openings, causing you to take less satisfying sips and blocking the pleasant aromas of your drinks from enhancing your experience. 

Also, some versions of Keurig machines are not tall enough to fit a travel mug underneath. Therefore, in order to prepare yourself a drink, you must first brew your beverage into a mug and then transfer it over to a travel mug. 

Not only does this require a lot of effort, but it also creates more waste that could be avoided if you decide to enjoy your beverage in a mug.

In a world full of judgment and divisions, let’s not add to the hostility of it all by making mug-carriers on campus feel unwelcomed. 

—Kelly Wheeler ’21


Capturing the Moment

College is such an exciting and memorable time in one’s life, so why not document it? Taking photos is a way to stay connected to moments in your life that matter to you. This allows you to look back and appreciate your experiences and how things may have changed as time flies by. 

We are lucky enough to live in a time in which cameras are always at our fingertips, so we should take advantage of our ability to take photos of all the exciting, fun, and beautiful moments in our lives.

This is especially true during one’s college years as people are constantly changing, getting involved in new things, and meeting new people. Therefore, taking pictures makes it easy to reflect on these memorable times and to remember connections with others. 

This generation is criticized for always being on their phones, constantly taking pictures, and posting on social media instead of living in the moment. However, it is possible to still live in the moment while digitally capturing memories in photos that will last forever and can make life more fun and memorable. Also, pictures do not have to be taken just for the sake of posting them. 

As college years fly by, one should take as many photos as possible before graduation to collect fun and exciting memories with your lifelong friends. 

—Marie Sweeney ’20