Sitting on the Porch

by The Cowl Editor on September 19, 2019


by Sam Pellman ’20

It’s sunset and the mood is relaxed
I can hear the cars passing
The air is warm but I can feel it getting cool
For the moment, everything is calm

I can see others sitting on their porch
Talking and enjoying each other’s presence
Everyone is a neighbor looking out for each other
They welcome and are welcomed

Sitting on the balcony makes us feel on top of the world
So does being a senior
But everything is happening so fast
And time is just a concept that goes on and on
Never waiting for anyone

As I sit here I think of all the memories I’ve made
The good and bad, all of them with the people I sit with
These experiences have made us who we are
And now our time sitting on the porch is limited

But we have cherished our four years here
And will continue to sit on the porch, just in a different location
But as long as we are together
All is well

Our porch seems to be what is keeping us together
But it’s really our memories and our bonds
So for now we’ll let the porch be what is keeping us together
But we all know our future extends much further than this porch

A woman reflecting on her porch while looking off in the distance
Photo courtesy of Nora Johnson ’20