Dull Sparkle

by The Cowl Editor on October 2, 2020


City lights at night
Photo courtesy of pexels.com

by Grace O’Connor ’22

After the miles of travel the bustle of the city felt like a sip of cold water on a hot summer day
The buildings scratch the sky above, as herds of people clog the sidewalks all around
The smell of food lingers and suffocates her as a nauseating reminder of comfort
There is no exchange of eye contact between those who walk by each other,
and the grimness of their faces highlight a mechanical sense of regularity
The golden encrusted staircases, extravagant drinks, red velvet seats,
and the translucent lights are a constant reminder of the ambition of humanity
This is the place she has thought about for years.
The place that is diverse from her home and represents everything it is not
The development of the city separates humanity,
making their lives spin around the touch of fiction, which is enhanced day by day.
She looks at everything out of reach and wonders
how simplicity is replaced by the craving for complexity
The water that holds the weight of the city glistens a dull sparkle
that surrounds the boats littered all around
She takes a deep breath and walks into the city
that forces the arms of the clock forward who reach back for their last dying breath.