by The Cowl Editor on October 2, 2020


colorful kaleidoscope
Photo courtesy of pixabay.com

by Jess Polanco ’21

If you face what they see, would you be able to see what they face?
The lines, the colors.
Take a closer look.
Their feet carry all the weight.
Pace yourself when you walk.
Come on, walk at my pace.
Can you see the pain behind the masks on their face?
The lines, the colors.
The boxes.
The walls are thicker, they’re thickening the walls on these boxes.
With blue and gray.
Coating smiles.
Black. Purple.
Thicker lines that can’t be erased.
Can you see the pain they’re editing onto the masks on their face?
Hand me the yellow.
Can I face what you see?
Can you paint a smile on your face for me?