by Elizabeth McGinn on February 4, 2021


birds coming out of a book
photo courtesy of pexels.com

by Sarah Heavren ’21

What is it to write poetry?
It is more than merely meeting a meter
Or pairing words to form a rhyme.
I believe it reaches for something much deeper.

It pulls and tickles emotions.
It awakens them from a heavy slumber,
Suppressed by the weight of this world.
Poetry reminds us to pause and wonder.

It asks the challenging questions
Through imagery, metaphors, and examples.
Sometimes it’s passively active,
Sometimes quite concise, and sometimes it likes to ramble.

Some people don’t have the patience
To delve into the magical world of words.
They want things quick and straightforward,
So their innermost reactions go unheard.

To feel is really quite human.
It is inseparable from our being.
Poetry always calls us back
And puts words to what we are truly feeling.