Suicidal Love

by Elizabeth McGinn on February 4, 2021


silhouette holding hands
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Trigger Warning: This poem includes
references to suicide and self-harm

by Toni Rendon ’24

Can we dance like Snowflakes?
Tumbling down until we hit the ground
Blood pooling around us
Scaring anyone who finds us 

You should’ve known this love was suicidal
When I told you I’d die without you
Because I know the sun won’t peek past the clouds
If you’re not around 

So, when you decide to step out on that ledge
Remember to grab my hand
So we can both greet death together 

We agreed to “for better or worse and in sickness and health”
But what happens when the sickness and worse stick around
Like a generational curse we can’t break 

Do we sit around and wait for the inevitable heartbreak?
Do we slit our wrists and stop our heartbeat?
Or do we pop pills and catch chills
As the world fades around us  

We fell in love with broken people
The type who were labeled evil
Because we’re not afraid to watch the world end
We’ve already seen how the sky bends and breaks
And we’ve shed all the tears our hearts can take 

So there’s nothing left to do
But dance hand in hand in the air
Like snowflakes until we hear the sound
Of our bones break