Nature Has No Curfew

by Elizabeth McGinn on April 15, 2021


Photo courtesy of

by Taylor Rogers ’24

Shadows and I become one as the night falls,
The sunset smiling down at me, waving one last goodbye.
Spring’s simplistic desires draw me in,
And I choose to abandon my curfew, deciding to just live. 

As we dance, the stars begin to appear,
Wishing to join our game of hide and seek.
Twilight taunts our once innocent thoughts,
Urging us to leave the world behind, and get lost. 

The stars dance with me as you sing,
Your heavenly voice calming the creatures of the night.
Bright beams of light illuminate our hearts,
And finally, I lose my fear of the dark. 

A full moon guides us back to your car,
And the woods part to form a long, rocky path.
Dark’s desire rises from the shadows,
My eyes find yours, and the wind around us blows. 

Black gives us the illusion of stealth,
Yet I find myself not caring if the two of us get caught.
Soft, soulful music invades our space of silence,
And we let ourselves partake in some violence.  

A few clouds lead us back to my place,
And I look at my house in dread, not wishing to go.
For the last time tonight, you give me a kiss,
And nature says goodbye to me, your taste forever on my lips.