always yours

by Elizabeth McGinn on April 22, 2021


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by Marelle Hipolito ’22

i hate the way the rush came all at once and you felt like air when i couldn’t breathe
i hate the way i feel so loved when you look at me
i hate the way you make all my worries and anxieties go away
i hate that i’ve revolved around you ever since the day you came
i hate how open and real i am around you, how i don’t have to put up a front ever at all
i hate how when the nightmares start, it’s you i want to call
i hate how much you are a part of me, how much i have broken down and cried
i hate that every time you’re not around, a piece of me dies 

in all my hate around you, i love how every hate is a lie
because looking back, even though i’m sad, you were the still best time of my life

i love the way you check me when i’m getting out of line
i love the way you know i’m not okay when i say that i’m fine
i love how you play with my hair and tell me what i mean to you
i love how you are proud and support me in all that i do
i love how you learn and listen to the things that are important to me
i love the way i do vice versa, how it’s almost like it’s meant to be
i love the way i didn’t look for you, how you just showed up one day
i love the way we’re everything the other needed, how we’re both here to stay 

in all i love about you, i hate how we could never be more
but if you ever change your mind at any time…you know i’m always yours