by Elizabeth McGinn on April 22, 2021


women holding hands
Photo courtesy of pexels.com

by Kate Ward ’23

You can tell a lot by the way people hold hands

A loose grip, white knuckled, palms touching

Life line

Heart line

Head line

The line of fates running along a pair of palms connecting two people

Yet everyone finds their differences and intimacies in something so simple as hand-holding

A subtle, unionizing touch, grounding and steady, unchanging

Some link pinkies while others brush knuckles

I’ve seen a lot of people, looked at how strangers hold one another

But one way has always stuck with me

I remember walking through Union Square with my mom

I pointed at a couple in front of us and asked why they held hands like that

Their hands were woven together like a complex blanket

Wrists linked around each other like twin snakes

She responded with a simple line,

“That’s how people hold hands when they’re in love”

Heart lines connected

Head line separated but on the same track

Life lines intertwined.