by Elizabeth McGinn on May 6, 2021


outline of a tv
photo courtesy of nounhousetv.net

by Taylor Rogers ’24

This is the only emotion I can feel.
Day after day,
I tiredly watch the news,
Where the same tragic story plays on loop. 

Each day,
Another bullet tears through innocent flesh,
Causing red to tragically paint the streets,
Breaking the hearts of many,
This tiny bullet wreaks its havoc,
Destroying any hope for change. 

Innocent victims fall,
Unwillingly becoming yet another name on a never-ending list.
A family loses their anchor,
And is forced to move on with their lives, despite being lost at sea. 

Every day,
I watch the news in fear,
Wondering if me and my family will be next.
Will our world be invaded by the color red?
Will we fall victim to performative activism and a lifetime of injustice?
Will we be reduced to a statistic? 

Nothing around me changes.
More and more people fall,
Becoming yet another news special
Gaining fame in a way they would never wish to. 

I ask myself, will this ever end?
Will we ever reach a true state of equality?
Or will I have to tiredly watch more people’s lives end for no reason at all,
And sigh in defeat as yet again,
My people fail to be treated equally in the “land of the free.”