How to Write a Love Poem

by trogers5 on February 10, 2022


candles in a line
photo creds: pexels

AJ Worsley ’22 


Light a candle, admit your flaws, set the tone. 

Don’t let the process turn your heart to stone. 


Find warmth in lost love, but always try to keep it in your sight. 

The best love poems are written after the love has gone to light. 


Compare your lover to a flower, delicate and beautiful.

Nature’s divinity couldn’t compare to what we have. 


Sing a proper country song in a thick Western accent,

Skip around the town, each step its own cloud. 


Think in terms of pink and red, anatomically incorrect hearts, 

Cupid’s bow never turns arrows to darts. 


The most important step to writing a love poem is this:

Know that love exists beyond everything. 


Love exists for the memory foam pillow you rest your head on after a long day of tiring work. 


Love exists for the trees you pass on your daily commute, each vein designed to satisfy such rich fruit. 


Love exists for the people who make life a bit easier,

A lighthouse in the distance, they bring your mind back to its body. 


Love heals and often feels like rehabilitation, 

Like a dove set free from its cage, love is liberation.