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Just the Beginning: Historic Discourse “With Mutual Respect”

Another normal Wednesday evening in the Providence College Slavin Center became a moment for respectful discourse surrounding abortion that is not often found in current American politics. With multiple Public Safety officers and crowds of students, one could feel the tension in the room. People generally struggle with listening to opposing viewpoints, especially given the […]

Christina Charie '25

Fighting The College Cold

Whether one is sitting in a Civ lecture, studying in the library, or using the bathroom, there is a consistent sound that floods the room. Is it the sound of people talking? Sometimes. But nine times out of 10, that sound is a cough. Whether it be an unwelcome break during the silence or a […]

Jezel Tracey '24

It’s a Tradition: McPhail’s Now Charges for Soda

Providence College’s on-campus bar, McPhail’s, is known among students for many great qualities, including its milkshakes, popcorn, and Thursday night bingo. The bar’s traditions are staples of the student experience. One perk many students neglect to realize that soda is free as well…or, at least, it used to be. During the first month of the […]

Meghan Mitchell '23

The Best Four Years of Your Life: Going Out, Staying In, and All the In-betweens

Most of us have a particular idea that comes to mind when asked to describe Providence College’s culture. I don’t think I’d be wrong to assume we all tend to think of Lily Pulitzer dresses, white sneakers, and seltzer cans littered across Eaton St. I think a lot of incoming freshmen look forward to the […]

The Cowl Editor

Reach Out to Everyone, Not Just Those Who Seem Like They Need It: Taking Campus Mental Health Into Our Own Hands

by Sarah McLaughlin ’23 Even though talking about emotions comes more naturally to some people than others, it is never easy. For many, the thought of voicing a simple sentence like “I’m not doing okay” or “I think I need help” nauseates us. Sometimes you might not even be sure of what scares you. Other […]

The Cowl Editor

Living With Strangers Again: Moving Back on Campus

Summer has ended and school has begun, which means one must take life seriously and get used to living with strangers again. Going from living with only your immediate family to people you don’t know is not always an easy transition.   Sometimes, it is an opportunity for you to create a new version of yourself […]

Jezel Tracey '24

Why the To-Go Boxes Shouldn’t Be Seen as an Inconvenience

In spring 2022, PC Dining announced its plans for Eco To-Go, a program that allows students to use reusable to-go boxes in Ray instead of wasteful single-use containers. While the initiative is supported by many students, others complained that it is inconvenient. Considering the significant environmental impact of paper and plastic, which these containers are […]

Kaelin Ferland '23

Four Years in the Blink of an Eye: Get Out There, Freshmen

The decision to attend college is an important one for Americans, whether that be a community college or an Ivy League university. While the institutions are a place for learning, colleges and universities have a social aspect unlike anything many freshmen have experienced in high school. Many go into the college of their choice knowing […]

Meghan Mitchell '23

The Hypocrisy Of The Mission Statement 

The Hypocrisy Of The Mission Statement  By Taylor Rogers, ‘24 Providence College’s Mission Statement focuses on the history, faith and reason, academic excellence, community and diversity, and veritas and providence. The college aims to focus on this academic excellence “in pursuit of the truth, growth in virtue, and service of God and neighbor,” promising to […]


Speaking While Others are Shouting

Speaking While Others are Shouting The Need for Student Input in On-Campus Speaker Selection Christina Charie ’25   Providence College professors consistently encourage students to attend the Humanities Forum for academic enrichment and extra credit. On the College’s website, it says “all are welcome” to the Humanities Forum. Therefore, topics discussed should reflect views of […]