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A Quick Note

Dear First-Year Providence College Student, If you are receiving this email, it is to inform you of a process you will otherwise be unfamiliar with as a new student. As I am sure you are aware, the dean of Student Affairs, , Dean Sears, is an extremely helpful, enthusiastic, and spirited member of the Providence […]

Kathryn Libertini '23


Kathryn Libertini ’23 I hear “So let me tell you guys why I chose Providence College” as I turn the corner in Slavin. My heart is pounding, not from the stairs, no, but from the pressure. Tonight’s game against Creighton decides if we win the Big East Championship. Coach Cooley met with me to discuss […]


How to write about love, when you yourself are not in love:

Kathryn Libertini ’23 Download Tinder and Hinge for inspiration. Scroll through the apps with your roommates, creating narratives and citing opinions that will most likely never materialize (but, hey, there’s a chance). Delete Tinder and Hinge. Tell your roommates Valentine’s Day is a “Hallmark Holiday” incentivized by capitalism. Watch How to Lose a Guy in […]


Thankful: A DWC Paper 

By: Aidan Lerner ’22 Since the beginning of time when the first man evolved from clay or fish or from apes, there has been higher education (I would assume). Aidan Lerner ’22 is a current student at Providence College who thinks positively about his experience. Lerner is a finance major, a writing minor, and a […]

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