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The Tragic End of Alexander the Ant

The sun rose very slowly over a large field of grass. It was a lazy summer afternoon. People were taking walks, having picnics, feeding the ducks, or just laying down. What they didn’t know was that right under their noses in the blades of grass was a little ant fighting for his life. Now the […]

Connor Rohan '24

Red Rock

Night begins to move, writhing and seething as the bristled backs catch the light of the dropping sun. Among the red rock lives a creature who carries night on his back and stars in his eyes.  The cicada calls to him from his place along the ravine scarred by waters now long dry.  Those who […]

Kate Ward '23

Listomania: Best Game Themes

Beach Pink Out Black Out Pajamas White Out  Winter Wonderland Superheroes School Colors Neon Tie Dye Anything but Golf

The Cowl Editor

When Birds Die

In what ways could the sun eat the sky?  In an auburn-radiant shade, cloaked in sifting haze?  Harboring mahogany howls, slowly fading crimson-cloudlines?  Beating blood orange beams of sun death consume your vision;   to butcher your former attention; mindless death—ignoring individualism.   Sun,      Eat me like you eat skylines  Before my mind is mossed   in […]

Max Gilman '25

my ghost and I

After lavender and magenta dissolve into twilight, twilight melts into darkness and my ghost comes to visit me fleeing her dwelling place she drips out of the glass picture frame, with pale skin and shaky hands she seeps underneath my chilled skin curling her toes into the muscle and tissue: a silent plea—          please […]

Meg Brodeur '24

Dear Tiff & Earl… 

Dear Tiff and Earl, My professor cold calls during lectures. How can I avoid this?  Signed, Anxious Dear Anxious, The best defense is a good offense. Cold call your professor and grade his responses on the spot. Cheers!  Tiff Hey Anxious!  Here’s a tip: drop the class. No more cold calling, and maybe instead of […]

The Cowl Editor

A Letter to My Home

To the residents of Manchester, New Hampshire: Hello from Barcelona! Right now, I am sitting in a too-cold cafe sipping on a chai latte that fails to overload me with flavors the way my typical order from Dunkin’ does. The people around me are whispering, laughing, and talking in Spanish, and I find myself picking […]

Taylor Rogers '24

Love Taught by the Mockingbirds

Lily pads freeze under winter’s touch Waiting under ice for spring’s promised thaw Do they know it will come And leave just as soon? Do they know the moon’s glow Is an illusion of the sun? Do the black-faced squirrel and the white-tailed deer Ask why the trees in the middle of the pond Are […]

Sarah McLaughlin '23


I want to run into a forest green I want to run into a forest green and full of life I want to run into a forest green and let this emptiness pour out I want to run into a forest green.  When I think of winter, it is always with a fondness for the […]

Sarah Klema '23

Queen of the Game of Hearts

All the crafted cards Fly by in a shuffle of swirling symmetry, Hypnotizing as they masquerade In the guise of sameness. But on one of the unseen sides Looms the sinister shadow of the Queen of Spades, The mysterious mistress Dictating Fortune herself, Changing the fate of the game At the appointed time. Undesirable yet […]

Sara Junkins '23