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It was unusually sunny for a Bavarian winter. The sky was a pale blue, and faint gusts of wind blew across the grounds. I had goosebumps throughout the afternoon, but this time the cold was not to blame. Our tour group was just under twenty-five. As we approached the gate with speaker devices around our […]

Claire Crowther '27


Smoke danced around your lips as I watched you in awe, the half-lit joint in your fingers immediately enticing me, and I couldn’t help but wonder. My brain was already foggy, weaving in and out of sobriety like our relationship. Friendship and something more clashed ruthlessly in my mind. I couldn’t help but clutch your […]

Taylor Rogers '24

The Little Match Girl: Brave Pretender

‘“She wanted to warm herself,’ the people said. No one imagined what beautiful things she had seen, and how happily she had gone…”                         —Hans Christian Andersen On a cold winter’s evening, the last of the year, she finds herself wandering about the city barefoot, penniless. Only a handful of matches to sell. No one […]

Sarah Klema '23

Eve’s Legacy

“So saying, her rash hand in evil hour Forth reaching to the fruit, she plucked, she ate: Earth felt the wound, and Nature from her seat Sighing through all her works gave signs of woe, That all was lost.” (Paradise Lost, Book IX, Lines 780-785) I’m blamed for the demise of my sex: the sex […]

Meg Brodeur '24

Train; December 16, Cold-Static Day, Not Very Crowded

 Heat screams with no place to hide,    Spewing, steaming, pushing, stewing—              Stirring beneath stretching ceiling tiles,             I listen because I am willing,                  Whining through ear holes   Like exhalation,                    smoke travels                thoughts linger                fogging.        I used to tell her I would be unbreakable when I got older. And I’ll never again comprehend what the hell that […]

Max Gilman '25

Listomania: Things to Remember for Spring Break

Sunscreen Suitcase  Civ reading Pepper spray (stay safe ladies) Swim trunks Tunes  Snacks  Shades  Liquid IV  Mom’s phone number

The Cowl Editor

Beethoven’s 9th Symphony in D Minor

It is as if water and leaves were muddling at the storm drain, And I have come to realize That everything is not enough. Even here it is all both having and wanting, And it is as if each bow drawn across the strings were sawing across the heart, Making a new course through which […]

Fiona Clarke '23

Tales From the Other Side

There exists a place unseen from normal eyes. A place not known to those who don’t already know it. A place filled with wonder and excitement, monsters and adventure. This place is known as the other side. No one knows how it came to be nor why its laws are what they are, but what […]

Connor Rohan '24

A Walk with My Papa

This morning I took a stroll on the beach With my Papa. It was around 8 A.M., And the sun and the waves Had finally fallen into a perfect harmony. The air was still, amid the sounds of waves crashing, And everything was settling into place before The chaos of the day. We walked for […]

Anna Pomeroy '23

“What do you wanna be when you grow up?”

I’ve come to realize we have constantly been faced with the dreaded unknown of our future. Now, that may seem like an obvious statement, but we have been conditioned since we were little to ponder the question, “What do you wanna do with your life?” Every elementary school child was asked the same question: “What […]

Anna Pomeroy '23