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Writer’s Block

Each day when I think about what to create, to write and hopefully make something great, sometimes thoughts won’t come to the brain, and I realize my nemesis has struck again. A familiar fiend which restrains me so, impeding ideas, obstructing their flow. In my mind it continues to linger and stalk, this wretched and […]

Claire Crowther '27


i gambled my guns away, fittingly, i get shot in the back constantly, never willing to turn the head to see who, or where or why. Ugly is the capitalization of the third eye, and people expect me to have an answer, why you or they cannot get close, i gambled my guns away like […]

Max Gilman '25

An Ode to the Soil

Tonight, I raise a glass to the one who supports me more than anyone else in my life. I’ve been supported through struggles and hunger and ills. I’ve been supported through many a strife. I’m far from alone in my burdens being borne by this familiar stranger; why, you’re all supported too! It’s the reason […]

Claire Crowther ’27


i don’t know the name—  bloodclot.  i don’t know a god—  siphon.  i know name—  male body, syllables.  pronouns split the difference,  if god can see  if god can see   then make blind my eyes ruby,  elixir.  mountain’s mist, hawk castle,  sharp cloud formation, lowering guard,  sunlight like wind august, and  river become trickles of […]

Max Gilman '25

Karma is Coming

Breaking news emerged from the Taylor Nation Universe today as Taylor Swift announced TS 11 on social media, but its name is unexpected. As Swifties stalked Swift’s every move, they noticed that she was wearing orange in all of her recent outfits in addition to a bracelet with “Karma” engraved on it. This was a […]

Christina Charie '25

I Know I Love You

I knew I liked you when you told me that your dog (a non-swimmer) decided to take a dip in your sister’s pool, so you had to jump in fully clothed and save him because you ended the story with an “eye-roll” emoji. But I knew I was falling in love with you when you […]

Meg Brodeur '24

Tiff and Earl: Friendless Freshman

Tiff + Earl:  I am a freshman who is looking to make friends on campus and have honestly been struggling doing this. Any tips and tricks for making good, long-lasting friends freshman year? Hi friend! The best way to join friends at PC is to find a club you’re interested in and sign up! Clubs […]

The Cowl Editor

A Barbie Epiphany

Cinematic light illuminates her face, revealing the onset of tears slowly sliding down the puffy skin of her cheeks like silver raindrops gliding down a passenger window on a dreary inclement day She used to savor those bleak days— and wrap herself up in a blanket of melancholy, enveloped by the Earth’s dismal mood Back […]

Meg Brodeur '24


concrete my.  mornings of smog sun and litter air, my name concrete. like sitting still with liver pigeons on lakes of tar, the sun is no pretty,  anymore a scar, fire is sweat dripping to the chest. concrete eyes and a mug of unibrow judgment, there is no return to a time of label, highways […]

Max Gilman '25

Listomania: How to Survive the First Week Heat Wave

The Cowl Editor