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Like Food in Storage

Like food in storage, I bear a singular label. Never mine And I fear to be thrown away. Rotting in mold, isn’t better. To be   forgotten or folded   in a thousand aliases— And then who am I, to define myself, if I never was to begin with?    Y.o.u: the letters punched into my keyboard right […]

Max Gilman '25

Listomania: Best RomComs to Force Your Significant Other to Watch

The Wedding Planner 10 Things I Hate About You The Proposal The Notebook When Harry Met Sally Silver Linings Playbook A Cinderella Story Bridget Jones’s Diary Love Actually  Valentine’s Day  Groundhog Day Clueless To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

The Cowl Editor

Chalk Candies

Valentine’s Day was always the weirdest holiday. Especially in elementary school, when on February 12th you would drag your mom to CVS to pick up some corny cartoon-themed Valentine’s cards and a bag of those hard, chalky hearts. It was fun in theory, until you arrived back home and you had to start filling out […]

Kate Ward '23

Tiff and Earl: Syllabus Week

 Dear Tiff & Earl, Syllabus week is rough. How do I stop myself from going on a bender with my roommates? Sincerely, Brad’s #1 Fan  Hey Brad’s #1 Fan! My advice would be to stay in with your roommates and catch up after the break. Save the bender for when you have something to celebrate, […]

The Cowl Editor

Nobody’s Darling

Ruby lips descending into salty brine. My lips. Bright light yielding to dark, fathomless depths on a midsummer’s eve where the sweltering heat of the sun still lingers in the damp night air of the goldfields. Eighteen years of growing up in each other’s company, budding feelings finally confessed—only to have the last night marred […]

Sarah Klema '23

Footprints in the Snow

Footprints in the white snow slowly recede beneath the tangle of tree limbs. The ongoing storm creates a blanket of white which covers them up almost at once.   Resa follows them, the footsteps of her brethren, but the angelic voice of her mother comes to mind…  “Though your past is scarlet, it shall become as […]

Sara Junkins '23

Between Sentences

and those black stitches searing the head.  And; because I didn’t say the first thing on my mind.  Is it  better to die averse,  than live as proof to another?  Another, because One is predecessor  to Nothing.  Alone, a metal table under burning light,  tall menial men draping scrubs  with silver rods picking the brain—  […]

Max Gilman '25

Listomania: Things I Forgot At Home After Break

Toothbrush Winter coat Shoes Phone and laptop charger iPad with all my notes on it  Pillow House keys and ID  Motivation My handwriting  Social cues

The Cowl Editor


One year ago today I was 3,306 miles away from home. I initially chose to go abroad to London because I wanted to travel the world and explore a Culture I wasn’t too familiar with. I left home with no knowledge of what the next four months were going to be. I remember the car […]

Anna Pomeroy '23


This time of year is always a bit funny to me.  Just when the professors think they can slip us one more assignment,  We cram for finals.  The days of this month that used to be spent putting up lights, listening to music on the record, and picking out the perfect tree— Are now just […]

Anna Pomeroy '23