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December 24, 2002.

trauma walks vein lines, blood clots like  streetlights, she lost her hair, many fathers, many words devour her,  she became a comet of backroads, a dull cobbler with less to say than a politician’s pocket, she changed her name and money noticed, like a blue ocean, her eyes grew tar from oil under her roof […]

Max Gilman '25

Down A Hole

“Day eight hundred and forty-six…We’re still floating down into the dark, our food and water rations are running low. I, as the leader of the base, will have to come up with a plan soon. I don’t want to alarm anybody as the job of the group’s well-being falls on the leader’s shoulders, but if […]

Connor Rohan '24

Halloween Night, 2017

For the first year ever, Pippa and Charles were finally allowed to go trick-or-treating by themselves. They had basically shoved their parents out the door on a date night, insisting that ten years old was a perfectly acceptable age to explore their small neighborhood alone. Pippa had decided to go as Anabelle and had made […]

Taylor Rogers '24

The Dudley Curse

Dudley. Remember the name and don’t forget it. Tonight I will tell you all a tale that occurred almost exactly 40 years ago in my quaint East Coast college campus. I will not be revealing the name of the college in fear that I will be reprimanded for telling my story; for finally revealing the […]

Holli Hay ’27

Mr. Hobart

Tonight I agreed to meet a psychic with Maude, my best friend from college. She described it as a secret society for people obsessed with knowing secrets. Five people would be selected at random to go into Mr. Hobart’s Library, where he would tell you anything you wanted to know. The whole thing was a […]

Taylor Maguire '24


We’re told that we have time to make these things, so stress is light, and we relax for hours. Through days and weeks, procrastination brings a struggle that we not yet know is ours. Far off those deadlines did seem for awhile, but swiftly they approached our aimless plans and soon we realize and no […]

Claire Crowther '27

Bittersweet Sea

Night descends on the chiseled shadows of a disappearing dusk, And envelopes them into a backdrop of vast darkness Still, she finds solace in nightfall’s mysterious, ethereal, essence She fixates on the glimmers of starlight watching them wink at an ever changing moon She stands at the edge of a moonlit shore Admiring the inseparable […]

Meg Brodeur '24

A Life of Collection

He shoved metal debris in his eye at ninety-seven.  Bacteria, mold curls his upper forehead like a pumping heart,  The sin man has four eyes, seven blood types; went blind at forty.  Alloy oculi and a strange syringe for an arm. The first thing he enjoyed was  bawls, the gurgling cries of animals called children, […]

Max Gilman '25

A Flash of Blonde

When I was smiling with my friends, a flash of blonde caught my eyes, Flying through the wind of the boardwalk, Weaving in and out of nameless figures with fierce determination. I hardly caught a glimpse of a face, Yet my heart began to race Mourning a lover it never had, A body it never […]

Taylor Rogers '24

Hometown eyes 

She loves the color purple and can’t wait for Halloween, because that means she’ll get to dress up as something that she will never be. The air will dance on by gifting hints of nostalgia, the kind you can’t quite explain but it makes you really miss your mama.  The changing leaves are imprinted towards […]

Holli Hay ’27