January 27, 2020

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  • Featured Slider | Jan.16, 2020

    PCI: What was the Best PC Sports Moment of the Decade?

    Men’s Hockey Wins National Championship One of the best parts of sports are the iconic, unlikely, and exciting pieces of history they create. A lot of these great sports moments have blessed Providence College within the last decade alone. With…

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  • PCI | Dec.05, 2019

    PCI: Should NBA Teams Be Allowed to Rest Their Key Players During Nationally Televised Games?

    Yes Kawhi Leonard is one of the best players in the NBA. An MVP candidate and finals MVP last season, Leonard was one of the most talked about players in the league, despite his quiet and reserved demeanor. This past…

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  • PCI | Nov.21, 2019

    PCI: Who Will Win the Men’s NCAA Soccer National Championship

    The University of Virginia The University of Virginia Cavaliers this year alone have won NCAA Championships in men’s basketball and men’s lacrosse. To end 2019, they will also take home more championship hardware in men’s soccer. The Cavaliers ended the…

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  • PCI | Nov.14, 2019

    PCI: Should NFL Athletes Have More Choice In What They Wear for Cleats?

    Allow More Freedom By Cam Smith ’21 Assistant Sports Editor The NFL, often labeled the “No Fun League,” is notorious for restricting players’ freedom to wear cleats of their choosing. If the league wants to keep up with the times,…

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  • PCI | Nov.07, 2019

    PCI: Will Tom Brady Be on the Patriots Roster Next Season?

    Retirement is Near by Sullivan Burgess ’20 Sports Staff Twenty seasons, six Super Bowl Championship rings, four Super Bowl MVPs, three NFL MVPs; what athlete has achieved more than New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady? With that being said, the…

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  • PCI | Oct.31, 2019

    PCI: Which Winter Sports Team Will Have The Best Season?

    Men’s Ice Hockey By Eileen Flynn ’20 Sports Staff Another winter is approaching and luckily at Providence College that means it is finally basketball and hockey season. Although both the teams have been preparing during preseason, the PC men’s ice…

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  • PCI | Oct.24, 2019

    PCI: Who Will Win the World Series?

    Washington Nationals By Thomas Zinzarella ’21 Sports Staff The Washington Nationals swept the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Championship Series to advance to their first ever World Series since moving from Montreal to Washington, D.C. For many fans,…

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  • PCI | Oct.10, 2019

    PCI: Who is the Greatest Coach in PC History?

    Ray Treacy By Meaghan Cahill ’20 Sports Co-Editor There have been a number of coaches at Providence College who have contributed to forming the school’s reputation for having a top Division I athletic program. From former basketball coach Joe Mullaney…

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  • PCI | Oct.03, 2019

    PCI: Should the 2022 World Cup Be Moved From Qatar?

    PCI: Should the 2022 World Cup Be Moved From Qatar? Yes, There is Too Much Controversy by Liam Tormey ’22 The 2022 FIFA World Cup is set to take place in Qatar, an Arab country in the Middle East. Since…

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  • PCI | Sep.26, 2019

    PCI: Are More Home Runs God for Baseball?

    Yes, Home Runs Make Games Exciting By Cam Smith ’21 Sports Assistant Editor A decade after the messy death of the steroid era in Major League Baseball, a new controversy has shaken the baseball world: the juiced ball era. The…

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