September 30, 2020

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  • PCI | Sep.17, 2020


    Devin Booker by Joseph Quirk ’23 Sports Staff The NBA bubble is a unique circumstance which the league has never seen before. With a high demand for the return of sports, it also provided a big stage for a lot…

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  • PCI | Sep.03, 2020

    PCI:Should There Be College Football This Fall?

    Yes, It Will Be Safe! by Jack Belanger ’21 Sports Co-Editor After colleges across the country canceled the end of their winter and spring sports due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many senior athletes missed out on what would have been…

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  • PCI | Mar.05, 2020

    PCI: Who Will Win the Big East Tournament?

    Seton Hall University by Leo Hainline ’22 Sports Staff The Big East Tournament is just around the corner, and the Providence College Men’s Basketball Team is looking to become champions for the first time since 2014. And with their recent…

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  • PCI | Feb.27, 2020

    PCI: Should Students be Allowed to Storm the Court After Upsets?

    Yes, They Should Be Allowed To by Gavin Woods ’22 Sports Staff In light of the recent Providence College  Men’s Basketball Team victory over Seton Hall University on Feb. 15, many are questioning whether or not student spectators should continue…

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  • PCI | Feb.13, 2020

    PCI: Did the MLB Do Enough to Punish the Astros?

    Yes, They Did Enough This past offseason was one of the most active and dramatic the MLB has seen in recent history. Compared to the past couple of offseasons, this year MLB fans witnessed big name free agents getting paid…

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  • PCI | Feb.06, 2020

    Providence College Investigates: Kobe Bryant’s Best Moments

    Bryant’s 81 Points vs. Toronto Raptors & Free-Throws Post-Achilles Tear by Leo Hainline ’22 Sports Staff In a 2006 mid-season game that nowadays some star players would consider taking off, the Los Angeles Lakers went up against Chris Bosh and…

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  • PCI | Jan.30, 2020

    PCI: Who Will Win Super Bowl LIV?

    Kansas City Chiefs The Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers: a matchup of two of the most consistent teams this season. The team that will be coming out victorious on Sunday will be the Kansas City Chiefs. It…

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  • PCI | Jan.16, 2020

    PCI: What was the Best PC Sports Moment of the Decade?

    Men’s Hockey Wins National Championship One of the best parts of sports are the iconic, unlikely, and exciting pieces of history they create. A lot of these great sports moments have blessed Providence College within the last decade alone. With…

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  • PCI | Dec.05, 2019

    PCI: Should NBA Teams Be Allowed to Rest Their Key Players During Nationally Televised Games?

    Yes Kawhi Leonard is one of the best players in the NBA. An MVP candidate and finals MVP last season, Leonard was one of the most talked about players in the league, despite his quiet and reserved demeanor. This past…

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  • PCI | Nov.21, 2019

    PCI: Who Will Win the Men’s NCAA Soccer National Championship

    The University of Virginia The University of Virginia Cavaliers this year alone have won NCAA Championships in men’s basketball and men’s lacrosse. To end 2019, they will also take home more championship hardware in men’s soccer. The Cavaliers ended the…

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