August 18, 2017

Friar Flashback: Commencement

  • Features | Apr.06, 2017

    Friar Flashback: Commencement

    by Gabriella Pisano ’18 News Staff Commencement is a celebration of all that students have learned and worked for during their education at Providence College. This celebratory event is the last event that the graduating class has with one another.…

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  • News | Mar.22, 2017

    Friar Flashback: Beers and Cheers!

    by Daria Purdy ’19 News Staff McPhail’s gives testimony to the long and colorful history of Providence College through the memorabilia hung upon its walls. Pictures of sports greats, influential administrators and Dominicans, and old spring concerts constantly remind students…

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  • Featured Slider | Mar.17, 2017

    Friar Flashback: The Ruane Center for the Humanities

    by Marla Gagne ’19 News Co-Editor “The beauty and elegance of the building matches the beauty and elegance of what takes place inside of it,” said Providence College philosophy professor and former Development of Western Civilization (DWC) Program director, Dr.…

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  • News | Mar.03, 2017

    Friar Flashback: Sitting with Fr. Shanley

    by Meaghan Dodson ’17 News Co-Editor He has taken on nearly every role that Providence College has to offer: student and hall director, priest and professor, Board of Trustees member and, ultimately, president of the College. He has been connected…

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  • News | Feb.17, 2017

    Friar Flashback: Very Superstitious…

      by Marla Gagne ’18 News Co-Editor Cursed Circle: One day Wanda Ingram ’75, senior associate dean of undergraduate studies and freshman class dean, was beginning her first year at Providence College, the newly co-ed school. As she walked with…

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  • News | Feb.10, 2017

    Friar Flashback: Looking Back With Alumni

    By Marla Gagne News Co-Editor Throughout the years, thousands of alumni have graduated from Providence College and witnessed the campus transform. Some of those alumni dedicated to education and the mission of PC have returned to campus to continue to…

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  • News | Feb.03, 2017

    Friar Flashback: War Memorial Grotto

    By Marla Gagne News Co-Editor In 1948, Fr. Charles H. McKenna, O.P., a local Rhode Islander and Providence College alumnus, set out to build a memorial that would not only honor the dead, but also be a place of peace…

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  • News | Jan.27, 2017

    Friar Flashback: The COWL

      by Gabriella Pisano ’18 News Staff While the Internet may be a source of news for many, newspapers continue to be one of the more reputable places to find factual news about events. Many different newspapers exist, providing a…

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  • News | Dec.09, 2016

    Friar Flashback: Remembering the Aquinas Fire

    by Meaghan Dodson ’17 News Co-Editor Next Tuesday, December 13, will be the 39th anniversary of one of the most tragic events in Providence College history. The Aquinas Hall fire of 1977 devastated the College as it took the lives…

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  • News | Dec.02, 2016

    Friar Flashback: Winters of PC’s Past

    by Meaghan Dodson ’17 & Marla Gagne ’18 News Co-Editors Photos courtesy of Who said snow days are for sleeping in? In the winter of 1982, a few ambitious students made the most of their snow day by constructing…

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