Featured Friar: Kelsey Christianson ’20

by The Cowl Editor on April 4, 2019


Christianson is eager to serve the PC community next year as student body president.

By Hannah Langley ’21

News Co-Editor

While the Providence College community relies on its faculty and administration staff for many of the decisions made on campus, PC’s Student Congress also works to help make every Friar’s experience a great one.

One of the leading roles and largest responsibilities on Student Congress is student body president. On March 24-25, Student Congress elections were held for various positions, including for the spot to be student body president for the 70th Student Congress. 

The winner, and next year’s student body president, is Kelsey Christianson ’20, a three-year member of PC’s student congress.

Christianson, a political science major and member of PC’s Liberal Arts Honors Program, decided she wanted to run for student body president after much deliberation. 

“Before I announced I was running, I wanted to be completely sure that I [could] devote my whole self to this organization and was able to serve the students at PC to the best of my abilities,” said Christianson.

As a member of Student Congress since her freshman year, Christianson has had many different roles and responsibilities, making her more than qualified for her upcoming position. 

In her freshman and sophomore years she was the treasurer for the Class of 2020. She currently serves as a member of the Clubs and Organizations Committee of Congress, which oversees various clubs, organizations, and other groups on campus, informing them of their responsibilities, overseeing activities of these groups, and working with students creating a new club or organization.

Christianson talked about the goals and objectives she hopes to achieve as student body president next year. 

One thing she feels very passionate about is continuing the promotion of inclusivity at PC both on and off campus that current president Chris Campanelli ’19 has worked towards this year. 

She talked about her admiration for Campanelli’s work on congress saying, “He has been an incredibly strong leader for not only Student Congress, but the students of PC.”

She also discussed how she is currently working with the rest of the newly elected executive board on long-term and short-term goals. These goals include collaborating more with other clubs and creating a strong sense of community among the members of congress themselves in order to “emphasize the Friar Family on our campus.”

When asked what her favorite part about congress is, Christianson responded that it is her fellow congressmen and women. “The people on this club,” she stated, “show me every week that they have the ability to use their voices to fight for what they think is right on campus.”

She talked about how she appreciates congress for giving her relationships she may have never had if she did not join the club. She is not only excited to continue working with all her friends and other congress members next year, but also meeting and working with the new students who join the club.

Christianson is thankful to the PC community for this opportunity and is looking forward to a great year starting next fall.