August 23, 2017

Tangents and Tirades

  • Opinion | May.04, 2017

    Tangents and Tirades

    When Will Trump Learn? This week Trump has taken another hit at women’s rights and efforts to alleviate global gender inequality. The administration has decided to discontinue “Let Girls Learn,” a signature girls’ initiative and educational program that has been…

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  • Opinion | Apr.27, 2017

    Freedom in Feminism: The Fair Choice

    by Kelsey Dass ’18 Opinion Staff It is not about what you do; it is about what you want to do. Since the feminist movement of 1960s and ’70s, society’s ideas regarding feminism have changed ever so frequently. Every person…

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  • Opinion | Apr.06, 2017

    Politics Vs. Principle

    by Kelsey Dass ’18 Opinion Staff “Politics without principle,” is one of the seven dangers to human virtue, as noted by Mahatma Gandhi. It is a danger we have come head to head with at this very moment. Somalia, Nigeria,…

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  • Opinion | Mar.16, 2017

    Redefining American Values

    by Kelsey Dass ’18 Opinion Staff This land is your land; this land is our land? As President Donald Trump begins his time in office, many new decisions and policies are being made. This includes his decision regarding the Dakota…

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  • Opinion | Feb.20, 2017

    Trump Looks To Trim FDA

    By Kelsey Dass ’18 Opinion Staff Where should we start? With the hustle and bustle under President Trump, there are a lot of administrative changes being made. As Americans watch the evening news during dinnertime, they may be paying more…

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  • Uncategorized | Jan.26, 2017

    Not A Good IDEA

    by Kelsey Dass ’18 Opinion Staff In order to be an educator in the United States of America, one must have an undergraduate degree, pass teacher certification exams for the specific state they are interested in teaching in, and receive…

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  • Opinion | Apr.21, 2016

    Life Experience Trumps Work Experience

    by Kelsey Dass ’18   As the school year winds down, the bank accounts of most students follow accordingly and the panic sets in. Not only is there an overall stress of finals brewing like a bad cold, but the…

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  • Opinion | Apr.07, 2016

    Why We Should Take School Seriously

    by Kelsey Dass ’18   At the age of 17 I was approaching high school graduation. I often spent most of my time with friends, playing sports, going to the beach, when weather permitted, and doing my very best to…

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