Listomania: Things Professors Say/Do Over Zoom

by The Cowl Editor on September 3, 2020


“Hope you’ve all been staying healthy!”

“Does anyone have the answer?” Silence.

“Unprecedented times.” 

“So I’m gonna share my screen…now.”

“Can everyone see it?” To the muted class.

“We CaN’t HeAr YoU yOu’Re On MuTe.”

“Do you like my virtual background?”

“Do my audio/visuals look alright to you?”

“Alright, I’m going to separate you all into breakout rooms now!”

“Let’s all turn on our videos and unmute ourselves now.”

Listomania: Things that should be Yankee Candle scents

by The Cowl Editor on November 14, 2019


Eaton Street Cafe Mozz Sticks

Eau de Paul Rudd

Nug day

The Cowl fresh off the press

Insomnia cookies


McPhail’s milkshakes (all of them in one candle with mix-ins)


Nail polish remover


The smell of defeat

Harry Styles’ unwashed hair

Tide Pods (do not eat)

The expired milk in my fridge

Home Depot


Post SRW depression