Lost at Sea

by The Cowl Editor on November 12, 2020


pirate ship lost at sea
Photos courtesy of pexels.com and graphic design by Elizabeth McGinn ’21

by Taylor Rogers ’24

Her ocean of tears is quickly overflooded,
Anxiety, Depression, and Anger blending in with the fish.
Big blue waves crash and fall,
And as she is stranded on her tiny island, she makes one wish.

A ship pillages her terrifying ocean,
Taking anchor in the center of her heart.
A pirate steps out of the boat,
His sword safely hidden as he watches the ocean’s waves tear the girl apart.

Once he enters the heart, the pirate begins to strike,
Brandishing his sword and cutting down the stubborn seaweed.
The girl’s fears begin to wither away,
Saving the heart from the terrifying depths of the sea.

The last weed distengrates,
Allowing the pirate to return to his ship, the girl in his arms.
Slowly, the ocean of tears finally stops flooding,
And the girl wipes away the stray fish, finally safe from harm.