Brett Farve Coming Out of Retirement. AGAIN

by npatano on March 31, 2022

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In an offseason full of changes and surprises, arguably the biggest surprise was when Tom Brady announced via Instagram that he was retiring from the NFL. The 44-year-old, 7-time Super Bowl champion had finally decided to trade in the cleats and shoulder pads for more time with his family at home. 

The retirement, however, was marred with controversy as many fans believed it was “fake” and a “power play” by Brady. Others were upset with the fact that Brady did not acknowledge the New England Patriots, the organization with which Brady spent most of his career, or their fans in his farewell statement.

Well, all the speculation ended this month when Brady announced that he was unretiring and returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady’s retirement, which began with his statements on Feb. 1, lasted a little less than two months. That alone must be a record speed for shortest retirement for an athlete and surely adds another record to the many the greatest quarterback of all time has. 

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With that said, Brady is still a few retirements shy of Favre’s three, an accomplishment that no doubt will stand for quite some time.

When asked about Brady’s unretirement, Favre told The Scowl, “I’m happy for him. Tom is one of the best and he excels at whatever he does. So, I’m sure he will handle this right, with class, and make it spectacular.” 

When asked what made Brady’s unretirement so great, Favre said, “Everything about it! Clearly this was something Tom had been planning for quite some time. You don’t just do something like this on the fly. The rumors surrounding his retirement, the shortness of it, the game of chicken between him and Bucs’ management. It truly was a work of art.”

Favre has retired quite a few times and even switched teams after coming of retirement before, so he knows a thing or two about the game. “I gotta say man, makes you itch to get back in it,” Favre said. “I’m a bit jealous. I mean, shoot, you had all this offseason drama with Russell Wilson, Aaron Rodgers, and Khalil Mack all switching teams. 

Those are all likely future Hall of Famers, yet all anyone talked about was Tom.” At this point Favre started to seem a bit restless. You could see a competitive fire growing in his eyes. When asked if he had any final remarks or well wishes for Tom Brady, Favre emphatically stated, “Yea, I do. Hold my beer, Tom. I can’t let you just come in here and dominate the retirement game. I’m coming back. I know there are still a few teams that could use an ol’ gunslinger.”

When reached for comment, Wrangler Jeans said they will work with whatever team Favre signs with to create a schedule for filming jeans commercials around his football responsibilities. The Scowl also reached out to Michael Jordan to see if he had any comments, but he was too busy playing Tiger Woods for money at Pebble Beach that he declined to comment.