Friars Glimmer of Hope in PC Athletic Breaking News

by The Cowl Editor on April 6, 2023

The Scowl

As Friar fans grieve the loss of the keystone of their basketball season experience and mourn what could have been, a glimmer of hope is reinstated. Fanatics were challenged with the greatest loss any fan base could face: the loss of the Tall Boys.

On March 32, General Manager of the Amica Mutual Pavilion Lawrence Lepore declared, “The famed ‘Tall Boys’ or 16 ounce beers will return to the student section solely for the Georgetown game next season.”

Clearly, the announcement came as a response to the unprecedented contract Ed Cooley signed to be Georgetown basketball’s new head coach on March 22, being the first coach to leave one Big East team for another Big East team. In addition, Narragansett Beer announced the death of the “Cool-Ade” IPA sold at the AMP.

The promised reintroduction of Tall Boys to the student section is a joint effort from Barstool Sports President Dave Portnoy and ECOPC.

Although Portnoy’s opinion is clear on his Twitter account, when The Scowl reached out to him, he had more than a few words. “March is supposed to be the best month for a basketball school like PC, the devastating loss of Tall Boys cannot be understated. Whoever took the Tall Boys away committed an atrocity. I just wanted to advocate to make the AMP the worst place to play for an away team again.”

Amid the scandal for Providence College Athletics, this was precisely the good news students and fans everywhere needed to hear. Not to mention the eco-conscious community at PC’s celebrations towards the AMP’s recognition of the lack of sustainability.

“I do not know how many infographics I must make or repost before the administration finally understands the severity of climate change,” said a representative of ECOPC. “The AMP’s original move to start using single-use plastic cups lacks any social awareness. I know it is only for one game, but any difference is a difference.”

Friar Fanatics and Green Thumb Friars will have to wait a little longer for the change they want, but the promise of the Georgetown game being plastic cup-free shows great promise for a future filled with Tall Boys.

“I know it is not much, but I really appreciate Portnoy, Friar fans on Twitter, and ECOPC for their effort in giving us the Tall Boys back, even just for one game. No doubt about it, next year the PC versus Georgetown game will be the most attended basketball game in The Dunk’s history,” said a junior season ticket holder, who prefers to remain anonymous.