Why Social Media is the Best Way to Make Friends

by jmccoy3 on March 31, 2022

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Why Social Media Is the Best Way to Make Friends

A Surefire Guide to Finding Long-Lasting Friendships

By Kim Kardashian

There’s nothing better than someone you have never met commenting “I love you” on your latest Instagram photo. From then on, you know that the two of you are bound to be best friends because there’s nothing more meaningful than a stranger confessing their love for you over the internet.

With this being said, social media is the best way to make friends for a few reasons. 

The first reason is because there is no awkwardness in becoming friends in this way. Online, you can act however you would like without showing your true personality. You can portray yourself in any way, leading other people to think they will be friends with you based on this portrayal. So, if you’re putting on a facade or not accurately showing your personality, you can make plenty of friends that think they’re similar to you, but really aren’t. This way, when you start hanging out, it will be fun to see how you’re actually two completely different people. Opposites attract, right?

Another way that making friends on social media would be of benefit to everyone’s life is the safety of it. Sometimes when you make a friend at a party or have a mutual friend that you are growing closer to, you do not know their intentions. You don’t know what kind of person they are because you became friends in person. On social media, though, you have an entire page that contains all of the details from years of their life. You can find out their aunt’s name, their dog’s birthday, and most importantly, who they dated in high school and why they broke up with them. If you didn’t become friends with someone from social media, you would go into a new friendship only judging them on their genuine qualities that you see firsthand—that just doesn’t sound right. 

The last and most important reason that social media is the way to go when making friends is because it helps you find out who NOT to be friends with.

Like, you wouldn’t want to make friends with someone if you don’t like the people they are already friends with. If you’re going to be friends with someone new, it is fully necessary for them to leave all of their problematic friendships so that the two of you can embark on your new friendship journey away from everyone else. No outside distractions.

Ultimately, it would be really unhealthy to keep any of the same friends when making a new one, so social media is the best way to find new prospects. Without having a representation of themselves—accurate or not—in the form of a full page of evidence for you to deeply dive into at your leisure, and a way of knowing who their current friends are, the friendship is likely to be based on things like genuinity and authenticity—and where’s the fun in that?