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Home: The Best Place to Feel Awful

July, Age 16 The glossy water sways like liquid silk across an iridescent horizon. It’s only 9 a.m. and a temperate breeze flows off the Long Island Sound. Watercolors paint the sky in robin egg blue and white wisps of vapor clouds. It’s the summer before my junior year of high school, and my pulse […]

Meg Brodeur '24

“So Close to Christmas!” December 24th, 2003

Home was becoming more of a second abode to the two. Alice and Sam would stumble in, late hours of the night, Sighing as they brushed their teeth in an unwanted bathroom. Laying beside an unloved lover, Sinking further into cohesive blindness. Drinking was of the hour, until Alice realized it was the only thing […]

Max Gilman '25

Excerpt from the Diary of an Autumn Oak Tree

I have sunk into a patch of highly manicured terrain and am leisurely suffocating from the anthropogenic air. Dwelling around me is a plethora of frosty elements, embellishing my dull brittle bark with glimmering crystals. My rough skin serves as a protective barrier against the penetration of snow, sleet, and ice. However, my natural body […]

Meg Brodeur '24

The Season of the Witch

Dark sweaters, messy hair, Something odd is in the air. Flushed cheeks, wide grins, Goosebumps traveling up skin. Boiling potions, brews of caffeine, The steam leaves little to be seen. Frantic pacing, long nights, Someone has turned out the lights. Wild winds, scratchy threads, Nails painted in the deepest red, Sweet lips, pumpkin pie, They […]

Caitlin Bartley '24

Nightmare on Elm Street

He lurks in the streets,  Avoiding the illuminating glare of street lamps.  Passing each house, you can feel his presence in your heartbeat.  You fight the urge to sleep,  Dozing in and out. You’ve tried everything to stay awake But as your eyelids close, darkness creeps upon your pupils.  Not summoned by the lack of […]

Anna Pomeroy '23

Hispanic Heritage Month

Quien soy yo, si no una flor rompida de la tierra de mi madre, de mi padre. Who am I, if not a flower ripped from the soil of my mother, of my father. Tierra que una vez era mía––o así dicen. Tierra de gente con piel de oro. Land that was once mine––or so […]

Mariela Flores '23

“Tea Time”

Step right up. Which hat will you put on today? All are made in the old-fashioned way, An eternal quality each does hold, Passed down from times of old. Those who wore them Were no different from You or I, So what do you say, Do you dare try— To don or not, That is […]

Sara Junkins '23

Of the Margin and Death’s Door

Blankets of nightly aura roll through clouds like spirits, Trembling scarecrows, inviting the unwelcome crow, Bits of city rubble rain descend to chapels like meteors, Terrible tales be told like spirals, Bellowing frogs croak oil like stomach acid, Taunting figures lurk in your mirrors, Burning grass leads you to a path, To bodies strewn in […]

Max Gilman '25

If the World Was Ending

  Black snow tumbles from the sky, clinging to the clothes on your back as you push against the ocean of people. Running from falling skyscrapers. The combination of screams, car beeps, and glass shattering echoes in your head, drowning out every thought except one. Her. Bloody fingers grasp photographs strewn across the floor. Covered […]

Toni Rendon '24

Severe Weather Warning

The dampness in my jeans makes them look bluer than they really are. The denim feels heavy, bunched up around my thighs, with a novel pressed against my lap, making the paper soggy along the edges. I know the pages will no longer be crisp and straight when they dry, but it’s a rental, so […]

Caitlin Bartley '24